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Introducing E Collection

Nitro πŸ’– Evon Yen Vuong

E Collection is an exclusive collaboration line between Evon Yen Vuong and Texas-based nail brand Nitro. Founded in 2018, Nitro is dedicated to becoming your go-to nail brand for all nail supplies and resources.Β Nitro curate their collection to cater to every member of the nail scene, including nail enthusiasts, nail professionals, salon owners, and beauty suppliers. No matter your title, Nitro aim to inspire you with endless possibilities, putting them right at your fingertips.

Evon Yen Vuong

Being a mastered artist, devoted educator, and successful business owner in the nail industry, Evon has been supporting and inspiring plentiful nail enthusiasts with her passion and love for nails, especially long nail art and designs.

  • 14+ Years' Experience πŸ’…

    Started as a manicurist in North Carolina 14 years ago, Evon moved to Washington in 2013 to continue her career in the nail industry that she is highly passionate about.

  • 6+ Years As Nail Educator πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“

    Not only being a nail artist, Evon also works as a nail educator who helps train thousands of nail techs to improve their skills and inspire millions on her social media.

  • Multi-Business Owner πŸ’Έ

    Evon owns multiple successful nail businesses ranging from simple nail salon to extraordinary nail art studio, focusing on top-class nail products and services.

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